Upload your company’s podcast episode into AudioMastering and sit back while our software converts it into professional audio quality. 

Smart Adaptive Leveling (SAL)

Ever listened to a podcast where one person sounds louder than the other? Or the background music is loud while you can barely hear your host or guests? AudioMastering fixes these problems.

Correct True-Peak & Loudness

Apple states that podcast episodes should be “pre-conditioned in such a way that the overall loudness remains around -16 dB LKFS, with a +/- 1 dB tolerance and a true-peak value that doesn’t exceed -1 dB FS.” AudioMastering does this for you.

Audio Sweetening (Filtering + Hiss, Hum, and Noise Reduction)

Whether it is your office or home’s A/C, power line hums, colleague background chatter, AudioMastering will minimize the hardest unwanted sounds. By classifying regions with different backgrounds, cutting low frequencies and removing the noise in each region, AudioMastering gets it done so your team does not have to.