As a business leader, it can be challenging to keep your brand current. Many CEOs and marketing teams get swallowed up in the constantly-shifting landscape of digital marketing. Prospects have high standards, short attention spans, and every wise marketer understands this. 

Branded podcasts examples
Some examples of branded podcasts. Image courtesy of Bello Collective

To stand out in digital marketing, you need a bold content marketing strategy, and podcasts are the new sheriffs in town. By delivering valuable content through an intimate and authentic listening experience, brands are building thought leadership, keeping clients informed, and attracting high-quality leads.

If you’re a business leader, review the following tips to discover how podcasts can serve as a key component of an ad campaign, drive sales, showcase company values, connect with your prospects, and establish thought leadership. It’s time to make podcasting a key channel in your content marketing strategy.

Below, we’ve prepared a list of examples that demonstrate unique and creative ways that companies created podcasts to achieve their business’ goals.

If you haven’t started to walk down the podcasting journey, make sure to keep these two questions in mind before creating a podcast.

#LIPSTORIES by Sephora: Create A Podcast As Part Of An Advertising Campaign

Sephora #LIPSTORIES by Girlboss - Branded Podcast Mulupod
#LIPSTORIES by Sephora. Image courtesy of Girlboss

Sephora, a mega-corporation and leader in the beauty industry, understands their business niche is competitive. A few years ago, it launched an affordable and high-quality lipstick line under their Sephora Collection Brand.

When launching their multi-channel advertising campaign, they hired a charismatic host, Kristina Zias, to kick off their new interview format podcast #Lipstories. Guests join Kristina for relaxed, fun, and honest conversations on self-image and helpful tips on building self-confidence.

Listen here

Mind Pump Podcast: Driving Sales Through Podcasting

Image courtesy of MindPump

Mind Pump is a leading health, fitness, and wellness podcast. Its creators generate over 1 million listens every month in over 100 countries by providing fun and educational information to their listeners. Since 2015, Mind pump has produced over a thousand episodes (yeah, a lot).

How have they successfully generated more sales with their podcast, you ask? 

Well, Mind Pump knows people love free insights. They have a “Free Resources” page on their website with a range of downloadable guides tailored to different fitness goals [2]. Each guide is thick, evergreen, and full of actionable information and fitness tips.

During podcast episodes, Mind Pump regularly directs listeners to their guides. Listeners fill out a short form to have full access to these guides. Once the form is completed, that listener is converted into a lead. 

From there, Mind Pump utilizes email marketing to encourage leads to purchase one of their full workout programs. And it totally works.

You can check them out here!

Open For Business: Demonstrate Company Values

Image courtesy of BLNDED Media

Many people turn selling products on eBay into a full-time business. A while ago, eBay realized this and created a podcast to share the personal success stories from its sellers.

“Open for Business” is eBay’s podcast on building a business from the ground-up. Important lessons shared by experienced small business owners in the e-commerce world.

Listen to it here.

Variety Pack By Slack: An Alternative Way To Connect With Your Customers

Image courtesy of Dave Shumka

Slack created a podcast that fits perfectly with its buyers: tech-savvy, open-minded, and curious. In 20-to-40 minute episodes, the Variety Pack podcast series covers “work, life, and everything in-between” in personal stories and work-life anecdotes. According to BlueWing, their personality is relatable, quirky, and sensible – and their audience loves it.

In every episode, you’ll find a fun mix of stories on work culture, teamwork, and modern innovation. You can listen to it here!

The Proskauer Brief: Hot Topics in Labor & Employment Law – A Way To Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Image taken from Proskauer Brief

Proskauer Rose LLP is an international law firm headquartered in New York City. With their podcast, Proskauer positions itself as a thought leader in the Labor and Employment legal world. It highlights the most recent legal developments and practical solutions for employers. 

Listen to their educational podcast here.

These are just a few examples of how marketing leaders across industries leverage podcasts as a powerful content marketing channel for their brands. 

You don’t need to make a podcast about how great your company is to generate more sales. If you’re creative, a podcast can provide the connection, trust, and invaluable resources necessary to attract potential customers.

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