Companies invest over $400 Billion in content marketing a year because it generates 3x more leads and costs 62% less than traditional marketing [1]. Podcasts are making waves as one of the most powerful content marketing channels.
You’re familiar with blogs (currently there are 44 million blog posts) and YouTube channels (23 million channels) yet podcasts (850,000 podcasts) remain relatively untapped [2]. Below, we will explore the two questions to consider before creating a company podcast.

Creating a podcast is indeed an investment that will show return rather in the long run. Image Credits: UseProof

Does my team or business have the bandwidth to create and market a podcast?

Bandwidth involves both time and budget. To give you a broad estimate, especially if it is your first time, it can take you 1 – 2 weeks to create 1 episode for your podcast. Just the post-production services alone (editing, mixing, mastering) can cost a minimum of $200 dollars an episode.

Keep in mind that due to the advancement of technology, these prices are dropping. For instance, your business can access MuluPod’s Post-production AudioMastering tool along with a group of other features for $49/month, regardless of the number of episodes you create.

Can my team or business provide enough time (3 – 6 months) to begin seeing a return on investment for a podcast?

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If you want prospects to come to you, instead of you going to them, you have to lay the groundwork and breadcrumbs. Inbound marketing is magical and it requires sustainable long-term thinking. Podcasting, similar to blogging, is a long-term investment that supercharges your inbound marketing strategy, converting your business into a brand. So let’s not expect to have 1000 leads after the second day of posting a podcast episode.


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