There are several reasons to create a podcast. Not to mention the massive opportunity there is for podcasting with only roughly 850 thousand vs 440 million blogs [1]. Creating a podcast for your company will boost your SEO performance and overall inbound marketing performance. Let us show you why…

Podcasts now appear in SERP’s 

Podcasts now appear on SERP's
From time to time, search engines are becoming better at showing podcasts in SERPs.

A Search Engine Result Page (SERP) occurs when you make a query by using an online search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Having a high ranking allows for your business to be one of the first to show up when a search query is made, enabling your company to be the first to offer its services. 

Google has begun indexing podcasts within search results [2]. This means Google’s search engine takes into account and ranks the content of the podcast shown on SERPs [3]. Without a doubt, this is an important milestone for branded podcasts. Now podcasts come up in search results! This is a valuable perk, and yet there are many ways to continue enhancing your SEO performance.

Transcribing Podcasts

Making podcasts easily searchable draws in listeners. Transcribing podcasts on your webpage is an often-overlooked way to improve your SEO. Your listenership, and web traffic, will increase as prospects are directed to your podcast as they search for related keywords or phrases.

This American Life does the transcript of each episode. Image from This American Life’s website.

Luckily, manually transcribing your podcast is a thing of the past. Thanks to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, podcast management platforms like ours, MuluPod, enable your team to extract a transcript directly from the audio file with one click.

Leveraging External Links and Backlinks

You use an external link to connect your company content to another webpage and a backlink when another webpage links to your company’s web content. Backlinks are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content [5]. Earning backlinks is a great way to increase your website SEO status to promote your company podcast. So how can you earn more backlinks? 

One way is to ask your podcast guests to share a backlink to the podcast episode they were featured in. Make sure it is easy as possible for your guest to share your podcast episode with their network. Make sure your ask is clear and your guest’s call-to-action is clearer.

A great way to leverage external links is by mentioning your guest’s company in your episode’s show notes. Your readers will access more information about your guest and you will also nurture the relationship by making sure they are mentioned.

Leverage Your Podcast

From a single podcast episode, you can extract insights that can be converted into infographics, blogs, e-books, white-papers, videograms, audiograms, etc. Consider using recycled content from a podcasting episode to drive traffic to your site and increase SEO performance. You can repurpose all your existing content into an actual podcast, reaching a new audience to introduce your brand. 

Getting There podcast blog post to boost SEO
Getting There, one of our podcasts has a blog post for every episode.

Using a podcast is the perfect way to increase your site’s SEO content. The possibilities are endless. If you like podcasts but you have not taken the leap towards creating one for your company then now is the time! Take a look at the best practices for creating a podcast.

The U.S. based Edison Research [7] found that 103 million Americans listen to an average of six podcasts per week so using your current promotional strategy does put your show at the forefront with your listeners. But, what about the other 68 percent of the possible listening population? They have to find out about your podcast with other forms of content you already share such as blogs or newsletters.

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