Unlimited Free Hosting

No storage limits; no trial period; no strings attached. Your business has enough expenses to deal with, hosting your podcast with MuluPod is one expense you will not have to deal with.  

One-Click Distribution

Easily send your podcast to every major podcast platform, including Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts, and Spotify. All it takes is one click; we handle the rest.

Smart Analytics

Track your podcast’s performance. Get to know your audience by knowing the most popular times they listen to your podcast, their favorite listening device, including your audience geography. See how episodes stack up to each other, all through MuluPod’s easy-to-read analytics dashboard.

Work Seamlessly

Integrate MuluPod with your marketing, sales and/or internal communications software. Have your podcasting leads integrate seamlessly into your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Grow with our vetted community
of Podcast consultants and academy behind you

You don’t have to go it alone! Master podcasting for your business by accessing our free academy and leveraging our full suite of podcast tools. Grow with our vetted community of expert Podcast consultants here to support you.

Whatever stage you’re at in your podcast journey, explore expert consultants around the world who will champion your vision and work with you to conceive and implement a successful podcast strategy. Find your perfect match.

Podcast Landing Page

Express your personality with a dedicated podcast landing page featuring your brand colors, prominent social links, and a unique podcast cover image.

Live Streaming.

Create private or public channels to broadcast your podcast live, with up to eight speakers and an unlimited number of listeners.

MuluPod provides detailed metrics, including listenership, donations, and engagement, so you can continue improving your fan’s experience.

Grow leads through Audiograms

Capture your leads attention by converting your favorite sound bites into engaging videos with interactive captions using our audiogram tool.

Smart Features

From empowering your fans to subscribe to enabling your fans to share soundbites, we’ve designed a smart set of features that make it easy for your fans to find, share and interact with your podcast!

Calls To Action

While your fans listen, send triggered
messages directly to their podcast player
at the most relevant moment.
Make it easy for fans to donate, subscribe,
submit and shop.

Call To Action Analytics

Access results from your triggered calls-to-action.
How many fans supported, subscribed, submitted and shopped?
Which message was most effective? With whom?


Listeners can pin exact moments along the podcast.

Episode Filter

Filter the display by date. Show the newest to oldest episodes or vice versa.

Episode Slider

Highlight each episode/sound clip while the full player puts the focus on your archive.

Sound Bites Sharing

Enable fans to share their favorite snippets
from your show. It’s about time fans can
share your story through their own voice.

Sound Bites Analytics

Access data and insights about which
sound bites resonated most with your fans.

Header/Footer Player

The H/F Player is designed to stay in the top or bottom of your website, highlighting your most recent track. Wherever a visitor scrolls on that page, the H/F player follows!

Universally Friendly

Your podcast interface automatically adjusts to mobile viewers on any device, anywhere.

Grow Your Newsletter

Make it easy for your fans to join your podcast community with just one click.


Download podcast tracks straight from the player.

Custom Colors

Match the player to your website’s color scheme.

Social Sharing

Visitors can share your podcast straight to social.

Built by a Podcaster
for Podcasters

As the creator/host of two podcasts, GettingHere and GettingThere, that reach a 50,000 + audience, my team and I understand very well how hard it is to make an idea, a passion, into a reality.

We did not find a podcast player that can help us create a memorable experience with our fans the way we needed it to, so we built one for all of us.