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Generating Leads Performance

Access leads generated through your PodPlayer. Learn which call to actions generated the most leads. Compare lead-gen based on topics covered by your podcast to know prospect demand. 

Audio Sharing Metrics

Learn the episodes most shared by your prospects. Learn the social channels prospects shared your episodes on (i.e. LinkedIn vs Twitter). Find shared episodes on LInkedIn and backtrack who shared them!

Podcast Discovery Metrics

Learn which marketing outreach channels (i.e. email vs social media) achieved greater prospect listeners. 

Audio content that resonates

Learn which episodes resonated with prospects and which did not. Dig deeper and learn which subject matter resonated most per episode. Did prospects tune out at a certain point in a conversation? 


Learn where your prospects are listening from. Matching this data with your inbound and outbound marketing efforts can provide insight to a prospects quality index. 


Are your prospects listening to your company podcast through a desktop, iPhone, Android, etc? 

The device from which your prospects enjoy consuming your branded podcast provides insights into how your content should be presented.