A podcast media player made for marketers

Capture leads. Uncover engagement metrics. Make discovery easy for prospects with vetted chapters. Reward prospects with transcripts.
 Embed podcast into any company website. That and more is possible with PodPlayer. 

Capture leads with PodPlayer

PodPlayer enables your team to personalize call to action buttons to capture qualified leads. Contact info for new leads will sync with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Customize call to actions based on episode and content. 

Send prospects call to actions
while they listen

Send personalized call-to-actions (i.e. download our E-book, join our newsletter, sign up to our webinar) to prospects during the most relevant moment, when they are listening to your podcast!

Analytics with return-on-investment insights

Discover the content your prospects care about  by accessing their listening habits. Uncover the most shared episodes and mediums they were shared through to assist your teams targeted sales outreach efforts.

Easy to plug & play

Simple to add to any company webpage, regardless of your hosting platform (i.e. WordPress, Foursquare, Wix, GoDaddy, etc..) Simple to use. 

SEO-friendly live text

Give search engines like Google what they love—live text they can crawl.

Downloadable PDFs

Let prospects read and save your episode transcripts in easy-to-access PDF format.

Custom Colors

Make PodPlayer yours by selecting colors insync with your company brand. Complete personalization. 

PodPlayer is actually three players in one

PodPlayer outcomes

Capture quality leads directly through your PodPlayer

Boost your company’s other content marketing channels

Increase prospect engagement through call to actions

Empower prospects to listen while they surf your site

Upsell customers with products related to popular content displayed through listener metrics.

Promote better discovery of your past episodes